Saturday, March 01, 2008

On the Bubble

The rumors started flying late this week and it is looking like the cutoff is going to be 1/4. This means we will miss it by one day. There is some speculation that 1/5 could be in as well but the 1/4 rumor seems to be much more believable so we are sticking with that. We kind of always thought we would miss the cutoff by a day for some reason but oddly we aren't upset about it. We have a nice calm feeling right now knowing that we can relax for one more month. We will use the next month to finish up some shopping and baby proofing around the house. The nice thing is that we know that come early April we will be seeing our daughter's for the first time. No more stressing and speculation, it is going to happen!


Anonymous said...

Wow, we are so excited for you guys!! Congrats on being almost there!! Looks like you had a wonderful babymoon too!! We still hope you are in this batch but if not, we can't wait to see your sweet baby girl next month!

Best Wishes,
Andre and Nancy

Anonymous said...

Wow, just one more month. Congrats!!

Unky B said...

HOT DIGGITY!!!! Grace's homecoming is RIGHT around the corner now!

Wendy said...

If you aren't in this month you are definitely next!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!