Sunday, April 29, 2007

DTC Group Get Together

We got together this afternoon with our DTC Group. These are the people from our Adoption Agency who have the same Log In Date as we do so we will be traveling to China together. Some of the couples are going to adopt their second child and brought their little ones to the get together. It gave us a little hope that there really will be a child at the end of this journey. We had a lot of fun and it was great to talk to a group of people in the same situation as we are who really understand what we are going through. The consensus at the get together seemed to be that we will get our referral in November and travel in January. Not much news on the next batch of referrals. There is a chance that they will arrive this week but we also heard that there is a Chinese Holiday this week so the CCAA may be off for part of the week. So next week is probably more likely for referrals arriving.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


We are closing in on the time of the month when rumors start flying around regarding how far they are going to get with the next batch of referrals. There is nothing out there yet though, we just hoping they get through more that just two days like the last batch. Jen was on vacation last week so she was able to get started on Grace's quilt. I posted a picture below of all of the squares laid out on our dining room table. We got a nice little surprise the last couple days as well. The sun!!! After a week of rain and some snow last Sunday it looks like Spring may have finally arrived in New England. Sunshine and warm weather always helps to lift our spirits.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

CCAA April Update

The rumors were true, they did only refer 2 days worth of Log In Dates. The update from the CCAA website is below. The odd thing was our agency got 20 referrals, which is a lot for them since they are a small agency. I went back though all of our emails from them for the past 15 months and the average number of referrals per month that they have received is 8.2. I also read on one of the adoption forums that some other small agencies got more referrals than they usually do. So it is possible that the 25th and the 26th were really heavy days and things will get back to normal next month. We will just have to wait and see. I have a feeling though that we are in for some small batches the next few months. We did get a little surprise in the mail on Wednesday, our USCIS approval. They got the document back to us pretty quickly this time although they got our address wrong. Our agency told us not to worry about it so I guess we will leave it as is. Not much else going on here, were are dealing with the ever extending wait as best we can and just hope that things will stabilize a bit soon. Needless to say, this was a rough week for us and all of the other waiting families.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Comparing The Years

This past Thursday marked 15 months since our Log In date. Referrals didn't arrive last week as we expected. They are expected to arrive early this week but we may be in for some bad news. Rumors are that they only referred 2 days worth of Log In Dates. We haven't heard anything official from our agency or the CCAA but it is looking like it may be true. If it is true we hope it is just an anomaly this month but it will most likely push us out to traveling in 2008. I compiled an interesting table below that starts with the first date that they started referring less than a month, which is when the slowdown in referrals started. I compared the number of days referred last year to this year and interestingly every month except January has very similar number of days referred. It really slowed down on the March 2006 referral date when they only referred 5 days. This corresponds to this next referral batch which may be for only 2 days. This probably is all just coincidental but if last year's pattern continues this year we could be in for a couple months of small batches of referrals.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

USCIS Update

We finally got all of our paperwork together for our USCIS approval. That will go out in the mail on Monday. We have heard that approvals for renewals from the Boston office are coming back pretty fast so we expect we will hear something back within a couple weeks. Rumors are that referrals will be coming in early this week and that they may cover up to very early November. Early November would be good but we are just hoping that they get to at least October 31st. This week we also created a new page on this site with all of the books related to adoption and China that we have read. We wrote up a quick review of each book and will be updating with other books as we get through them. You can get to the page by clicking Book Reviews link on the right.