Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This morning we journeyed down to our local USCIS office to get fingerprinted for the third time. They used to make the process really easy and convenient by allowing you to come in anytime within a two week period. They are a little more strict now and send you an appointment for a specific date and time. It worked out pretty well for us though. Jen took the day off work and I happened to have a client in Boston that needed me to come in for the day. We were in and out of the office pretty quickly, we are old pros at the process by now. We even bumped into a couple Yoshimi and Craig, that we will be traveling with, they were getting their fingerprints redone as well. As I was in the subway heading into the office I was thinking to myself that the next time we ride the subway we will be going to CAWLI to get our referral. It is hard to believe after waiting all this time that in two weeks from now we will be seeing our baby's face for the first time.

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