Sunday, March 30, 2008

Almost there

This could finally be the week that we see our daughter's face for the first time. Typing that is kind of odd, scary and exciting all at the same time. We have been telling everyone that this week we will be getting our referral but there is a chance it could be next week as well. In the past year referrals have always started arriving on or before the 6th of the month. So I think most likely they will arrive late this week but I also wouldn't be surprised if we get bumped out to next week. If we don't hear anything about referrals being mailed by mid week then it will probably be next week.

There were some rumors last week that matching had started. That matching process is where they match babies to their parents. So we may actually be matched with our child already. Usually about a week after we hear that matching has started referrals start arriving so that is a good sign that we will probably see them this week. Usually there are rumors that referrals have been mailed the day before they start arriving so we probably get a heads up that they are on the way.

Lots of friends and family have been asking how soon after we get Grace's picture and info will we be updating this site. The way we understand the process to work is referrals usually arrive at our agencies office mid-morning. At that point they call all parents with basic info such as girl or boy, age and province. We plan to update this site with that info as soon as we get it. They then set up an appointment for us to come in that day to get pictures and additional translated information. The appointments are usually in the afternoon so we will probably need to scan and make copies of the pictures and then stop by our families to show them the pics. We will probably be home in the evening and have pictures up on the site then.

In the meantime we will be rereading our Referral and Travel Preparation package and try not to go out of our heads waiting for the call.

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Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Hi there! I can report that your agency sometimes doesn't get pkgs until late morning. Our group (a year ago April) didn't start getting calls until noon, and mine didn't come until 12:45, so don't panic! Of course, when the first call came at 12 and that mother emailed the rest of us to say the calls were starting, I sat in my office at work on the verge of tears for the next 45 minutes I was so nervous/excited. After hubby called with all the details, I completely broke down and had to gather myself together to go tell my co-workers...I was a basket case!

Oooo...and yes, we wanna see those pics ASAP!

Please let me know if you need anything - I'm a PTAG volunteer and would be happy to answer any questions!