Sunday, March 09, 2008

Operation Baby Proofing has started....

We have finally started the job of making our house safe for a baby, if only the house was safe for me. I was 5 minutes into my first baby proofing job today and I almost cut two of my fingers off. Let me explain...We have a surround sound home entertainment system in our family room and over the years our old method of keeping the wires in place has started to fail. We have speaker wires hanging down and bunched up on the floor. So out we went to the local home improvement store and spent an ungodly amount of money on these fancy new wire conduits that will keep our wires hidden and save from baby's curious hands.

So this weekend we were finally free and it was time to start putting it all together. They should really tell you in the directions not to try to cut the small pieces of plastic with a compound mitre saw. How was I to know that would be a bad thing to do? I put the piece of plastic in the saw, push the button, pull down on the handle and there is a big bang and my hand goes numb and the thing I was cutting exploded into 100 pieces. I was in a bit of pain and was afraid to look down at my hand for what I would find. Luckily all of my fingers were there, albeit a little bloody and bruised. They are still a little sore but I was actually able to get quite a bit of work done on the job and will probably be able to get it finished in another half day of work. So all in all a pretty productive day.

After the speaker wire job is done we still have a few more things to take care of. We need to figure out how to gate off our wood burning stove. We need to put child locks on all of our cabinets. We also need to install gates at the top and bottom of all our stairs. I think we may wait at least until referral before we start on these things so we can see whether she will be mobile or not. No need to leap over baby gates until we have to.

So we are trying to keep ourselves busy this month with work, projects and getting together with friends so we don't go too crazy with the waiting. One week down, four to go until we see Grace's face for the first time.


New England H Family said...

Doing things in stages is probaby a good idea. And it is amazing how quickly they learn what things they're not supposed to touch if you tell them no. Of course, that doesn't mean they WON'T touch them, just that they know they shouldn't!!!

We never used gates on the staircase with EJ; she really couldn't have cared less about them. Sophie, however, has a little bit of stairway fascination, but generally, she is never left alone near them, so it hasn't been a concern yet. We did rig a temporary one at the top of the stairs once EJ started walking and was in a real bed so she didn't tumble down them on the way to our room in the middle of the night.

Sophie is now at the stage where we're going to need the door knob "thingies". She can reach up to touch them now, so it won't be long before she's trying to make an escape!

As for cabinet latches, right now, she's only fascinated by the cabinets with the Tupperware and the cereal. Nothing dangerous, but boy can she make a mess!

Biren said...

Haha wow! I wouldn't have guessed about the saw either! I use those conduits all the time. I've always cut 'em with a utility knife, though. But good to know for the day I do get a saw.

Julie Siegel said...

You just need one giganto trip to Babies R Us. Then you back your van/SUV/other schleppage vehicle of choice up to the loading dock and go home and make ready. Done. You may not need everything all at once, but you probably will within a matter of months, if not weeks. Our dd couldn't walk when we brought her home, but she was quite mobile within a matter of about six weeks.

Gail said...

Didn't need any baby latches for my daughter. Had them but didn't have to use them.
My daughter also went for the tupperware and nothing else.
This time....well, I guess wait and see!

Keep yourself safe will ya!!
Your almost there!!