Sunday, February 24, 2008

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Traveling To China To Adopt A Baby

While we were away on vacation we got an email from our agency with a 60 page document containing details of the process of traveling to China. It includes packing lists, sample itineraries, a bunch of forms we will need to fill out and all kinds of good stuff. It is a pretty overwhelming document really. I have read through the document once but will probably need to read it a few more times to absorb everything. We did a little more shopping over the weekend, mostly for stuff that we will be needing to keep organized up until and through our trip. I am leaving most of the shopping we have left for Jen to do because basically I hate shopping and she loves it. So that should work out OK. I will probably handle most of the paperwork that is left to be done. We are also awaiting word from the USCIS on our third fingerprinting appointment as ours expire soon. I have heard from some people in our travel group that the Boston USCIS office no longer gives you the option to come in to get fingerprinted anytime during a two week period. They now give you a specific date and time to come in when they decide. Not very convenient now that I no longer work in the city.

Still nothing out there for rumors. Right now I am thinking that there is a 50/50 chance that we will be getting our referral in the next batch. Jen is a little less optimistic and is thinking more like a 10% chance that we will get our referral in the next batch. We are trying not to get our hopes up too much but it is hard not to.


Carrie said...

That package was a little overwhelming. I read it and than set it aside to worry about later.

I have given up on the not gettin my hopes up thing at this point and am just lettin' 'er rip. I really feel like I will be fine if we aren't in because we should at least be in next month.

Gail said...

Read the package.
Became overwhelmed and put it a side.

Thinking that referrals will be up to Jan.4th.
So I think I'm with Jen on this one. Maybe 10% chance for March.

Kristin said...

I still can't believe I have to be fingerprinted a THIRD time. I think that's probably more than some criminals!

Anonymous said...

We were able to change the fingerprint appointment we were given by email. It's very hard to find the email let me know if you need to contact Boston CIS for any reason.
DO NOT try to call them on the 800 number. It's an exercise in frustration.
Going for our third set of prints tomorrow....