Monday, March 17, 2008

The Difference A Day Makes

Back when we were paperchasing we met another paperchasing couple, Wendy and John on the adoption boards. They were at about the same point in the paperchase as we were. I think we compared notes a couple times and have encouraged each other throughout the process. They were DTC a day before we were but ended up getting a Log In Date of December 27th. That one day difference in DTC caused us to get a LID of January 5th, 9 days later. Today, Wendy and John, met their beautiful daughter for the first time. They got their referral in January, their LID just made the cutoff and we missed the cutoff by one day last month. So that one day difference in DTC caused a two month difference in getting our referral.

Sometimes there will be someone on the adoption boards that is starting the paperchase but is procrastinating on getting things done in the process, we usually just cringe. I will admit the paperchase is daunting, there are forms upon forms to fill out, autobiographies to write, things to be notarized, it is pretty overwhelming. But, we were pretty good about the process. We tried to knock one item off the list each day and got through the process in record time. But there were probably areas where we could have done things a little faster.

With the small batches we have been seeing the past couple years it is even more important to not procrastinate in any part of the process. If a one day difference in DTC can cause a 2 month difference in when you get your referral, what will a week or a month of procrastination do?

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Wendy said...

Thanks so much for your post Steve and Jen!!!