Monday, May 28, 2007

Feeling Patriotic and a Trip to the zoo

Nothing better than a long holiday weekend to keep your mind off the long wait to adopt from China. We had a pretty busy weekend. We traveled down to Maryland to watch Jen's nephew graduate from the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Pretty appropriate place to be on Memorial Day weekend, we are very proud of Ryan as he embarks on a career defending our freedom.

We also took a trip to DC to take in a couple museums and check out the Pandas at the National Zoo. We had a tough time getting any pictures of anything else other than panda butt, although this one came out Ok.

These guys were much more willing to smile for us. It was a fun weekend all around but now we are back and ready for referrals to arrive. There is still not much floating around in the way of rumors. There is still a rumor that this is going to be a big month and they are going to get to the middle of November. We would love this to be true but really don't believe that it is going to happen. Referrals should be arriving late this week or sometime next week so we will post an update when we hear anything.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


We are still about two weeks away from the next batch or referrals arrival. There are rumors floating around that it is going to be a bigger batch that what we have been seeing. This flies in the face of logic though as November is supposed to be a very big month so we are not getting our hopes up for anything more than 9 or 10 days of Log in Dates which is what they did last year and this year seems to be trending pretty close. Will be interesting to see if the trend continues, although we would love for it to be wrong and refer more than 9 or 10 LIDs. The rumors tend to be funny though, they are usually really optimistic around the middle of the month and then tend to get more accurate as we get closer to when referrals arrive. So we will probably have a better sense of how far they will get by next weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

King of Queens

Jen and I recorded the final episode of "King of Queens" last night and finally got around to watching it tonight. For those who do not know this was the finale where they go to China to adopt a baby. Whenever TV shows (especially sitcoms) try to take on adoption they never get it right and this was no exception. We never really watched the show but did catch an episode here and there so we get the gist of it. Now we realize that this is a comedy and it would be pretty boring for them to go through the two year plus wait it takes to adopt from China. So it didn't bother us that it took them two days to complete the paperchase.....It took us four months. It didn't bother us that they got their referral in a week......we have been waiting over 16 months. It didn't bother us that they got a referral for a 4 day old baby......the youngest a baby is at referral is 6 months old. Unfortunately 90% of the population that doesn't know anything about Chinese adoption will see the show and think that it is that easy. What did bother us were some of the stupid comments they made during the show. Carrie says "I've ordered Chinese food before but never a Chinese baby". Then Carrie finds out that she is pregnant and they perpetuate the stupid myth that infertile couples will get pregnant once they adopt and can finally relax. Uggg.....Now I know this does happen but I cannot tell you how many people after learning that we are adopting have told us that we will get pregnant after we adopt. Ummm, we had 6 failed IUIs and 3 failed IVFs, probably not going to happen. There were more stupid comments as well. After Doug finds out that Carrie is pregnant he points to the new Chinese baby and asks "what are we going to do with that one". And then says "I guess we will have two babies with very different shaped eyes". That is just not funny, and kind of racist. Also whenever they said the baby's name, Ming Mei, they would run the laugh track as if her name was a joke, still not sure why that was funny. Now maybe since we are adopting from China we are hyper-sensitive about the subject and again we realize it is a comedy but there are some things that shouldn't be joked about and thrown lightheartedly into a 60 minute sitcom for sweeps week ratings.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mothers and Mothers-in-waiting out there. We had a pretty low key day today, Jen went out with a friend and I stayed home and did the house/yard work. Mother's day is tough when you are waiting but we are hoping we don't have too much longer to wait. There is a scary new rumor floating around that China may temporarily stop accepting new applications because there is such a backlog of families waiting to adopt. I read somewhere that there are between 25,000 and 30,000 dossiers in China waiting to be matched with children. At the rate they are going now it will take at least 3 years to get through this backlog. So I guess in a sense it would makes sense to hold off on accepting new applications to catch up a little. Rumors like this are rough for people waiting to turn 30 to be eligible or people planning to adopt a second child and keep their children close together in age. At this point though it is only a rumor so we aren't really concerning ourselves too much with it. We also heard tonight that one of the reality shows that Jen and I watch, Survivor, will be filmed in China next season. While I am sure the show won't focus on the culture and history of China, it will be cool to watch a mainstream show filmed there.

Monday, May 07, 2007

CCAA May Update

The CCAA updated their website tonight confirming that November 1st was the cut-off date. See update below. Last Saturday marked 16 months of waiting since our Log In Date. It is tough not to know exactly how much longer we have to wait but Jen and I have been keeping busy lately with spring cleaning and landscaping work around the house to prepare for our summer outdoor activities. This usually means cookouts on the deck and enjoying a couple drinks with friends. With just a little luck this should be our last leisurely summer on the deck. Next summer we want to be chasing Grace around the back yard.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Comparing The Years - May Edition

We got an email from our agency that referrals came in today. They only got three referrals this time for for Log in Dates through October 31st. Rumors are that the CCAA has referred through November 1st, although they have not updated their website yet so we don't know for sure. If this is true it means that they got through 6 days which is definitely better than the 2 they did last month but still is not a lot. They still have to get through 65 more days to get to our Log in Date of January 5, 2006. I posted a chart last month comparing referrals last year to this year that seems to show that the number of Log In Dates referred this year is trending very close to last year. The number of days referred this month is again very close (off by one day). So if the trend continues the number of days referred should increase over the next few months. I updated the chart and added in the next couple batches from last year to project out what things could potentially look like if the trend continues.