Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And then there was one

Jen took 8 more glass stones out of her jar at work leaving just one left. One lonely stone. We are still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we are next. We go from excitedly saying "Oh my god, we are going to be parents" to panicking saying "Oh my god, we are going to be parents".

Today is also 26 months since our Log In Date which means when we get our referral we will have waited 27 months. So now we start the longest month of our lives. Well, I guess it will be the longest month until next month when we get our referral and are waiting to travel. Then it will really feel like the longest month(s) of our lives. After that the months will just fly by I am sure.


kris said...

WOOHOO!!! the final stone!!! :)

Gail said...

Waiting for travel will feel longer than the 27 months!!
What helps is getting ready for travel. Keeps you busy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Gail said.

I didn't want to burst anybody's bubble, but it seems you've come to this realization on your own. So now I'll say it (as Gail has). The wait between referral and travel is even harder than the wait for referral, 'cause once you've seen that face, you want her home yesterday.

On the other hand, they can't stop the clock. The worst of this wait, for me, was the uncertainty, and that's pretty much behind us, a fact which I find almost incomprehensible in itself.


Anonymous said...

Wow, just one more stone!!

Better start baby proofing the house. Noticed how all waiting families disappear from blogland as soon as they get their referral? It's a crazy busy month, so it might be nice to get a little ahead of the game. ;)

Anonymous said...

I keep a calender that I crossed the days off of. On 1-5 there is a big red heart. It looks so weird to have that be the last uncrossed square.