Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Who doesn't like pigeon?

A couple of families from our travel group are flying out tomorrow so we all had one last dinner together at a traditional Cantonese restaurant.  When we eat at traditional restaurants we usually let our guides order for us as they know what is good so when she asked if we would like to try pigeon of course we said yes.

If you haven't seen how they serve poultry in traditional Chinese restaurants they like to serve it with the head, usually chopped off but on the platter with the rest of the meat.  Grace's initial reaction upon seeing the heads was a big "Ewwww" but we try to encourage her to try new things so I was pretty proud when she picked up one of the heads and started gnawing on it.

In all honesty the pigeon was pretty tasty.  There wasn't a lot of meat on it but what I did get was prety good. 


Anonymous said...

Hey way to go Grace for giving it a try!! I bet it tastes a bit like chicken but we aren't used to it so its of course eww and icky and gross to see for kids lol


Melinda said...

It's Bert!!! OMG! Did Jen gag? I love it. Grace rocks!