Sunday, September 09, 2012

Settling In

So we made it home at about midnight on Friday, that was about 30 hours of travel time for us.  Our flight leaving Guangzhou was delayed by about a half hour which had us a bit worried as that gave us about 20 minutes to catch our next flight from Hong Kong to Chicago.  There were a dozen of us on the plane that were heading to Chicago so there was someone from the airline waiting for us and whisked us through security, shuttles and temperature checks to get on our flight at the last minute.

Grace and Cameron did surprisingly well on the 15 hour flight.  We were at the back of the plane so that made it a bit easier to move around when the kids were getting restless.  Of course there was a fair share of crying and Cameron vomited on me a few times.  But, we survived.

We landed in Chicago around 3pm and were greeted by quite a few extremely rude TSA and customs officers.  I will do a separate post about that later though.  Landing in Chicago is a pretty big deal for us as soon as we are through immigration Cameron becomes a US citizen.  Dealing with these jerks put a little damper on our excitement but we didn't let them get us down too much.  We had a couple hours before our last flight to Boston so we searched out place for a burger and a beer but had to settle for Chilis.  Not my first choice but it was a damn good burger and beer after eating Chinese food for two weeks.  Our last flight to Boston was of course delayed as well, this time only for 15 minutes.  It was the longest two hour flight ever but we were greeted at the airport by about a dozen friends and family.

Jet lag is kicking our butts pretty good.   Cameron slept through the night in China but didn't go to sleep until 4 am our first night home.  He slept a little better our second night home and seems to be sleeping pretty good right now.  So hopefully we are on the road to recovery.   Yesterday we attended Jen's Uncle Coleman's 100th birthday party.  We weren't sure if we were going to make it being our first full day home but we gave it a shot and got to introduce Cameron to some family members.  I think it helped being there as it gave us a reason to stay awake.

So we are still unpacking, catching up on errands and trying to settle into a schedule.  Grace starts school tomorrow morning so we will all be up bright and early to see her off.  Next week is chock full of doctors and other appointments but I have lots of stuff to blog about as time permits so stay tuned...


kris said...

I'm glad to hear that everybody is happily settling in at home. Can't wait to hear how Grace's first day was today, and what happened with the TSA ppl!

France said...

I'm a new blog reader. Contratulations on your new addition. Wishing you lots of love, laughs and happiness as a new family of four! =)