Wednesday, September 05, 2012

US Consulate Appointment, Goodbyes and Canton Tower

Our first order of business today was our 10am consulate appointment.  All we needed to do is turn in some paperwork and say an oath that everything on the paperwork is true.  Our guide picks up Cameron's visa tomorrow and then we are set to go home on Friday.  Compared to when we adopted Grace in 2008 our consulate appointment this time was a bit impersonal.  Rather than bringing us into a room and listen to someone from the consulate speak to us in person we had to listen to someone on a microphone speaking to us from behind glass.  Kind of odd but we were in and out of there pretty quick so we didn't let it bother us too much.

After our morning appointment we stopped by to say our goodbyes to two of the families that we traveled with.  It was sad to say goodbye but we know we will keep in touch either in person or through the Internet.

We had the rest of the day free so we decided to embark on a little adventure to the top of Canton Tower.  Canton Tower is the the 2nd highest tower in the world and Jen is afraid of heights so she was not as excited about our adventure as Grace and I were but she was quite a trooper aside from the minor panic attack on the elevator ride up.

Apparently there is an outdoor observatory and some amusement park type rides at the very top but we only made it to the 108th floor which was high enough for Jen.  It was a bit hazy as it usually is in China so visibly wasn't great but the views were still pretty impressive.  What amazed me the most was the scale of Guangzhou, this city is just huge.

The coolest part of the observation deck on the 108th floor is they have these glass boxes the jut out of the side of the tower that you can step out into to take pictures.  A little hairy standing on a piece of glass that high up but Grace and Cam were brave and came out with me.

I took this picture from inside the glass box looking straight down.  You can see our toes at the bottom of the pic.

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Two Pearls said...

I am totally with your wife on this one! That would freak me out to be standing on a piece of glass that high up. Of course, I won't even get on the ferris wheel at Storyland or Santa's Village! Can do all the other crazy rides, but nothing where I can see under my feet! :) Safe travels home...