Saturday, September 01, 2012

Medical Appointment Day

Today our big activity was taking Cameron for his medical appointment and he was not happy about it.  When we adopted Grace the clinic we went to catered exclusively to adopted parents, this clinic also served the general public so it was a bit crowded and chaotic.  Cameron doesn't do very well in crowds and he especially doesn't like getting poked and prodded so he was not a happy baby. But we all came through unscathed and Cameron took a two hour nap to make up for it. 

After the medical appointment Jen went down with the other families and our guide to organize some paperwork for our consulate appointment next week.  Then we just relaxed in our room for the rest of the afternoon.  This evening we had dinner at a Thai restaurant across the street from the hotel which was really good and cheap.  Tomorrow we are heading out to the zoo/safari park.  Grace is pretty excited as they have pandas and she has never seen one in real life.  Should be fun!!

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