Sunday, September 02, 2012

Safari Park

We had a good day today at the safari park.   It was really hot but Grace had a blast.  Cameron wasn't really interested in the zoo.  He took at a nap for part of the day!  They tend to be a bit more lenient at zoos in China as they let you feed and/or hold some of the animals.  They also had 12 pandas so Grace was very excited to see them.

Feeding the baby white tiger

Feeding the Giraffes

Lots of pandas

Tomorrow we have a shopping day.  We are heading to the pearl and jade markets and then to Shaiman Island.  When we adopted Grace we stayed on the island and at the time there were so many adoptions there were dozens of stores that catered exclusively to adoptive families.   We have heard that most of those stores are now gone but it will be nice to go back at least to walk around as the island is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

How cool for Grace!! How many kids can say they have fed a tiger?? A baby whie tiger too!!! Can't wait to hear all the stories!!


Two Pearls said... many pandas to see at once! A few families in our group went to Beijing a day early for a little extra touring. We went to the zoo to see the pandas, but there were just a few! Have fun on Shamian Island. Sad that so many of the stores have closed.