Monday, August 27, 2012

Third day in China

Today was a paperwork day.  We spent the morning running around to different government offices to process the adoption.  We then took a trip to Walmart to stock up on baby supplies, Walmart is always an interesting experience in China.

Cam is doing well.  He is smaller than we expected so is swimming a bit in the clothes we bought for him.  But we have also found that he is a good eater so hopefully we can pack some pounds on him.

Grace is being a great big sister and quite a trooper through all of the running around that we are doing.  She is also a great help with her little brother.

The coolest thing happened while we were at the civil affairs office this morning.  When we walked in there were some people from some of the orphanages in the office.  They asked where Grace was from and got really excited when we said that Grace was from Yifeng.  These people that were asking about her were from Grace's orphanage.  The director of her orphanage was there as well.  There are dozens of orphanages in Jiangxi so the chances are pretty slim that we would all be there on the same day.  They didn't recognize her and we had trouble helping them understand her Chinese name. But they wrote it down and her birthday. I think they want to look her up so they can remember her. They were very happy to know she was from their orphanage. The director was there and was so happy to see that this beautiful girl was once one of their children. He said her hair was beautiful. That seems to be important here and Grace has the type of hair Chinese people really love. The director took Grace's picture. Our guide asked if there's anything we'd like to tell the people of the orphanage and right away Jen said "Tell them we love her very much and she is so smart".

Pretty cool experience.

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The Gang's Momma! said...

WHAT A TREASURE!!!!! That's such an amazing gift, to connect with the director of Grace's orphanage? WOW.