Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quiet Day

We had no adoption related running around today so it was up to us to keep ourselves entertained.  There was some talk within the group of taking an excursion but with rain in the forecast we decided to lay low and spend most of the day in our hotel.  After breakfast we hung in the room and played for a couple hours.  Then in the afternoon while Jen and Cameron napped Grace and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  I have to say Grace and I attract far less attention when we are out without Jen.  We still get plenty of stares but far less than if we are with Jen.  This evening we had dinner in the hotel and then went for a walk to the local supermarket for some supplies.  And by supplies I mean baby food and chocolate.  Another quiet day tomorrow, maybe we will make an attempt at an excursion if we are feeling adventurous. 

Some pictures below we took today in the room.  Cam's little personality is starting to emerge.


nancy said...

Hello, I've been following your China Journey to little Cameron and I love reading your posts. It looks like you are going with the flow, (we know what it's like with 2 daughters adopted from China), however it's so great just to take it all in and enjoy our children's birth country and all of its beauty. Grace seems like a wonderful big sister, so sweet, and baby Cameron has the most cutest smile! Best wishes on the rest of your amazing journey. Blessings!

Gail said...

54tIrvioRagoadI love Camerons smile! I have been waiting for a smiley pic! So cute! Looks like the transition is going fairly smoothly.
So happy for you!!