Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day Four

So we are only on day four in China and it feels like we have been here for weeks.  This morning we needed to go to the notary office to get some documents signed.  We also took a side trip to a porcelain shop and went to the Teng Wang Pavilion.  The Teng Wang Pavilion is located about a block away from the hotel we stayed in when we adopted Grace so it was kind of cool to be back in the same area.  After our sightseeing we had a nice lunch with the two other families in our travel group.

Cameron is doing well.  We knew ahead of time that he was delayed but I have to admit we were a bit surprised at how delayed he is.  He is not even at the level that Grace was when we adopted her at 8 months old.  The good news is we are already seeing progress after a couple days. Yesterday he could not hold himself in a sitting position at all and today we had him holding himself up for over 20 seconds.  He is currently refusing to feed himself so we have made it a goal to get him to feed himself by the end of the trip.

Tomorrow is a free day so we may just hang in our room for some bonding time.  Some pics below of our day today.


MJ said...

So sweet to see Grace and Cameron with the Big Sister Little brother tshirts. Great family pics too!

Debbie Sauer said...

Precious kids! I'm sure his sister will have him doing lots of things in no time. Blessings