Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy Weekend

This has been a crazy week in our household. I had a couple days toward the end of the week where I had meetings after work so I got home after Grace was already in bed. When that happens I don't get to see her at all since she is usually in bed when I leave in the morning. When I finally did see her on Friday it seemed like she looked just a little older. The good thing is we had an action-packed weekend and got to spend plenty of time together.

On Saturday we represented our Adoption Agency at a local adoption conference. The conference had a workshop for families considering adoption from China or waiting to adopt and we were asked to bring Grace and talk a little bit about our experience. Talking about our agency, our adoption and Grace are our favorite things to do, so we couldn't say no. We had a good time at the conference and I hope we were able to help some of the families trying to decide which path to take and helped ease the mind of the waiting families. We really know what they are going through as just a year ago we were in their shoes. Hang in there!!!!

After the conference we visited with some of our travel mates from China--Zoe and family. The girls had a great time together. K cooked a wonderful meal for us which Grace enthusiastically acknowledged by literally licking her plate clean. It was great to get together and catch up and see how great the girls are doing. Some pics from the day...

Today we went to the local mall to get Grace's Easter/18 month pictures taken. After the pictures we decide to go for a visit to the Easter Bunny which let's say did not go so well. Grace wanted nothing to do with the furry guy so we hopped out of there as fast as we could. I guess we should have known how it would go from the look on her face in the picture we took while waiting in line.

We made up for it by taking a ride on the carousel which seems to make everything better in the world of Grace.

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Two Pearls said...

I didn't make it to the conference this year - maybe next year! And we were at the mall doing photos a week earlier. We got away without a carousel ride, though. Not sure how...