Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick Baby

A couple weeks ago Jen and I were having a conversation about how healthy Grace has been. She has had a couple little colds here and there but nothing major so far. We knew we were jinxing ourselves just by having that conversation. So of course this past week Grace got sick with a 102.5 degree fever. The fever only lasted a couple days but she has had a cough and congestion most of the week. It has also affected her appetite which is WAY out of character for Grace. Normally Grace will eat everything and anything that we put in front of her so we knew she wasn't feeling well when she wasn't finishing her meals and turning down some of her favorite foods.

We did start to notice a couple weeks ago that Grace is getting a little fussier about certain foods. Most of the time the fussiness is just that she wants to feed herself which can get messy with certain meals. It is probably just her age or a phase she is going through but I guess we are due, she has made it pretty easy on us so far.

Even being sick this week Grace was still in a relatively good mood. She did get a little more whiny than normal at night but overall she did pretty well. We were even able to get outside for some fresh air and a little walk around the neighborhood today as the weather warmed up to almost 60 degrees.

A couple pics from the week below.

First PB&J

Apparently it's serious business

Love that smile

Not sure what is going on here but her expression is too cute.

Motion Shot


Jan said...

Oh no, poor Miss Grace. Hope she's feeling better! She is just beautiful!! Love the latest photo shoot! Happy to see Grace enjoyed her first PB&J! Looks Yummy!

MJ said...

Glad to hear she's feeling better!!

Claudia said...

Glad she's better - that must have given you a scare!

Apparently, fussy is good - it means she trusts you to provide food all the time and can afford to start thinking about preferences. What would I know, though- I'm sure it doesn't FEEL good!!