Sunday, March 22, 2009

18 Months

Grace turns 18 months old today. She is starting to act all of her 18 months as well. We are noticing much more independence out of her lately. From wanting to feed herself and becoming more picky with food to figuring out how to push our buttons to get a rise out of us. She definitely knows what "no" means but doesn't always choose to listen. She is way too cute to get mad at though even when she is being naughty. Recently she has also started calling us by our first names, I guess Jen and I will have to start referring to each other as Ma-Ma and Da-Da from now on.

While we were outside the other day Grace discovered the concepts of terrain and momentum. Grace has been walking for almost 6 months now so she is pretty much an expert as long as she is inside. Now that the weather is getting nicer she has had the opportunity to attempt to navigate the not-so-flat ground in our back yard. She took off as she normally would, stepped in a little hole and found herself flat on her face with almost a mouth full of grass. She was not so happy about that but she has since learned to slow down and is doing much better.

After conquering the back yard we moved on to the front yard where we have a little bit of a hill. This is where momentum came into play....She couldn't quite figure out why her walk turned into an uncontrollable run. So she did what any toddler in trouble would do and used her deepest voice she could muster and yelled "Nooooooo". I was laughing pretty hard at this point but was able to scoop her up before she face-planted again.

No pics this week but we do have a cute video of Grace finding new uses for cleaning appliances.


Anonymous said...

First the laundry basket and now the vacuum...Do I need to get my little Gracie some ride-on toys??!! ha ha too funny and too cute!!


kris said...

Happy 18 months Gracie! love the vacuum cleaner ride - I'm pretty sure that was Steve's idea right?! haha!

Steve and Jen said...

Of course it was my idea, do you think Jen has ever touched the vaccuum cleaner?

Two Pearls said...

Wow...that looks like fun! Poor Sophie doesn't even know what the vacuum is. When K went back to work, we did it under the condition that we hire a cleaning person. Of course, she comes when Sophie's at school, so she never sees it in action. She loves watching videos on the computer, but I'm afraid to show her this one...she'll get crazy ideas and I might be forced to drag out the vac!

bridget and luke said...
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Anonymous said...

Jen- thank God you had one of those things in your house.. vacuum.. um, cleaner.. you plug it in and push... or just keep it in the closet and use as a 'ride' for Gracie- LOL!! Love the video!
PS- 18 months? NO! I'm not liking this idea of her getting bigger/older..

Terri and Rich said...

As always I love reading your updates as our kids are the same age. Even though I try not to compare I love seeing the differences and similarties that our children have. Plus Grace is your only child, too so my husband and I always feel like we can relate.

We love the videos!


The Gang's Momma said...

Can't see the video, but I gather that she's riding the vacuum?! Our Li'l Empress is afraid of ours, so begs big brother to hold her when we're running it. Honestly, I think she's figured out it's just another way to have him hold her and snuggle her ;) Not that he minds.