Sunday, May 25, 2008

We're in Nanchang

Just got into Nanchang an hour ago, we haven't seen much of the city as it was dark when we got in. I am sure we will get to know the city better in the coming week. It was a pretty uneventful flight so that is good.

Today was a pretty busy day, most of it spent touring the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City was great, the place is just huge and the history there is pretty amazing. We spent about three hours meandering our way through.

One interesting thing that has happened to us a few times (well mostly Jen) is Chinese locals will come up and ask to have our pictures taken with them. The first time she was asked Jen thought they wanted her to take a picture of them. But that is not the case. Apparently they don't seem many pale skinned curly haired women in China so they just want to pose for a picture with her. Jen will probably be in quite a few Chinese family photo albums. Most people just stop and stare but it is actually kind if fun. Will be interesting to see what kind of looks we get from the locals once we have Grace.

We did have a little scare at the end of the tour of the Forbidden City. Our guide gave us an hour to tour the rest of the city but we didn't hear where she told us to meet up. We assumed the meeting place was back where she left us. We started to get nervous when we no longer saw anyone from our group about 15 minutes before meeting time. When meeting time rolled around and still nobody from our group was around we knew something was wrong. Luckily our guide gave us her cell phone and we were able to call her get directions back to her and the rest of the group. They were only 5 minutes away but this place is just huge and it would be really easy to get lost. A couple pics from our day below.

The biggest news is that we were told that tomorrow morning at 9:30 the babies will be brought to the hotel. So in less than 12 hours we will be united with our daughter for the first time. Kind of unbelievable that after all this time it is finally happening. Although when we walked into our room this sight made it seem very real.


Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Glad to hear you're there. Just heard there was another big aftershock that was felt in beijing and was thinking about you all.

Biren said...

Wow Jen, you're quite the celebrity over there, huh? Hahahaha!!

Wow, you guys are sleeping right now most likely (or about to anyway) and when you wake up, you'll be seeing Grace! I can't wait to hear about that first moment when you see her and get to hold her! I also look forward to the first family photo with Grace in it!!

Have a great night, tomorrow morning's gonna rock your world!! :)

HI GRACE!!! Don't worry, I just look scary, but I swear I'm nice :)

kris said...

that is too funny Jen! I love that you are having all these pics taken of you! haha! can't believe you will be meeting Grace so soon! I can't imagine you'll be sleeping at ALL tonight! :) can't wait for tomorrow's update! woohoo!!!

LaurenAFrog said...

Only you Jen!!! :)

WOW - your pictures are amazing but not as amazing as the first pic of Grace with her family will be! Can't wait!

Suzanna Catherine said...
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Wendy said...

I am glad you made it to Nanchang!! It's like 2am over there right now, so very, very soon you will have your sweet baby. Can't wait to see pictures!!!

Seeing the picture of the crib brings back so many memories of when we saw the crib in our room for the first time. It almost takes your breath away!!!

Tracy said...

I will always remember walking in and seeing the crib - it does make it all seem so real. Scary that you almost got lost at the Forbidden City - it is very isolating to feel lost in a place that large, I am sure. Wow - it's almost BABY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you. And Charlotte has been home with us for just over 6 months - and every amazing day gets better and better. Hard to believe - but it does!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of the crib!! You are so close!! Cannot wait to log on tomorrow and see you guys with Gracie!!


to sing and to dance said...

I remember walking in to the hotel room with the crib for the first time too. It's so exciting. So magical. Your union will be even more magical. It felt as if God's Heavenly hand was holding us on that day. It's still so overwhelming powerful to recall the day we became one with our daughter.

Oh and the pictures. Too funny. Beware of anyone wanting to shine your shoes too. I had an experience with an old lady wanting to shine my tennis shoe while I walked down the street, and couldn't shake her off...literally (as I was walking away). Finally she yelled out that I left without paying her.

biren and kris said...

oh my gosh, only about 1/2 hr to go til you are with Grace! we are freaking out over here! can't wait for the next update.

Melinda said...

I just got in from work and thinking at this moment you are probably holding Gracie!! I can't wait to see your next post...I will be checking as soon as I wake up in the morning!! Steve, I see you either brought your Pringles with you..or found some in China?!
Too funny!!