Thursday, May 29, 2008

Porcelain, chicken heads and meltdowns

Unfortunately we were unable to get out to Yifeng today. Our guide said there was some issue with the roads so it was not safe to make the trip. We were a bit disappointed but really weren't looking forward to spending two hours in a bus. I am sure in the coming years we will make some trips back to China and Yifeng will definitely be on the itinerary

So instead of going to Yifeng our guides planned some shopping for us this morning. First we went to some Porcelain stores where we picked up a nice tea set to give to Grace when she is older. After the porcelain shopping they brought us to a typical Chinese department store. The store looked like a typical Macy's that you would see in the US except shopping in a Chinese department store is a bit different. Jen saw a cute dress in the baby section that she wanted to get for Grace. So we went up to what we thought was a register to pay for it. The woman took the dress filled out a slip and gave it to us and told us that I had to go to the other side of the store to pay for it then come back to get the dress. When we got to the real register we found out that they did not take credit cards which we thought was a bit odd as the little porcelain shop we were in earlier did take credit cards. We finally got the dress paid for and then it was time for lunch.

We have been eating mostly in the hotel since we have been in Jiangxi so it was nice to get out and try something new. Jiangxi is known for its spicy food and this place did not disappoint. We also got to meet one of the courses of our meal.

When we got back Grace was really tired and had her first meltdown. I think you can really only classify it as a mini-meltdown as it did not last too long but it was the first time that we were not able to immediately calm her down when she got upset. I am sure there will be many more where that one came from. This pic is pre-meltdown.

Tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou, the flight there is pretty short so it will be a good test run for the 14 hour flight home. Before we leave we have a little more paperwork to take care of and we need to try to get our bags under the weight limit again.

We just had to post this video of Grace laughing. She really is too cute.


Biren said...

Oh man, I can't wait to hear what Kris thinks of that chicken head! That is FREAKY!

That stinks that you weren't able to get to Yifeng, but like you said, a 2 hour bus ride probably wouldn't have been the "funnest".

Awwwww, cute video! As everyone else has already said, you really do wanna just reach through the screen and pinch those cheeks!

Good luck on your flight, hopefully it goes well!

kris said...

oh no - poor little chicken! yes maybe missing out on the 2 hr bus ride is all for the best. like you said you can always go there on one of your future heritage trips! even though Grace had a mini-meltdown, she did go a few days without one so I definitely think she's doing great! what a cute little laugh she has!

Melinda said...

Awesome clip of Gracie. She is so unbelievably beautiful. Baby James loves her too!! I sat him on my lap and played her laughing. He looked up at me, pointed to her, smiled and started laughing with her! I had to keep playing it over and over again for him. I think they are going to have fun together!!

Mary Joy said...

What a precious little video, love the laugh. Steve, fatherhood is already suiting you have the smile to prove it and already braving a bjorn to carry her. I'm impressed. I always knew you'd make an awesome dad..glad it's your time.

Jen the pic of you and Grace on the bed is my favorite. True happiness!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I've just had a ball this last hour or so, digging thru the past 7 posts. We were out of town and I couldn't wait to be home to read the posts and watch you become a family. You did not disappoint!!!! I've been in tears, watching the videos, reading your thoughts and seeing what God did in planting little Grace in your family. Such a treasure you have there! Thanks for sharing it all along the way.

Anonymous said...

Chickenhead....yum!! My favorite!! How cute is that little giggle!! Elizabeth and I watched it over and over again. Steve..She is quite the "daddy's girl"!! Have fun on the next leg of your journey.


Wendy said...

Make sure you bubble wrap the heck out of the tea set. I bought one too and I thought I packed it well but the tea pot shattered. I was so bummed!

She is so cute!!!!!!!1

ann marie p said...

When we were in Istanbul, Michael & I each got fish while in the Asian side of Turkey and we both had our dinners watch us while we ate...the worst part is Michael had sixteen eyes looking at him, as he had eight little fish. Hurl! Other than that, sounds like you're having a great time, I love her laugh!

Michelle said...

Love the smile and giggle! Mia loves Gracie's video, she started to smile and "talk" to the computer screen! I played it several times and each time she had the same reaction!!!
Can't wait to get all the babies together at some point!

Amy said...

Look at those cheeks! Soooo cute!