Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Travel Meeting

Big day today.....we had our travel meeting at our agency to nail down the last minute details of our trip. We now have our airline tickets and itinerary and are just about ready to go. For those interested here is an abbreviated version of our itinerary.

Thursday, May 22 - Leave Boston for Beijing

Friday, May 23 - Arrive in Beijing

Saturday, May 24 - Sightseeing - The Great Wall

Sunday. May 25 - Sightseeing - Forbidden City/Tianamen Sq
Travel to Nanchang

Monday, May 26 - Family Day!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27 - Paperwork

Wednesday and Thursday, May 28-29 - Nanchang Sightseeing

Friday, May 30 - Travel to Guangzhou

Saturday, May 31 - Child Physicals

Sunday, June 1 - Guangzhou Sightseeing

Sunday, June 2 - Visa Interview

Monday, June 3 - Visa Oath

Wednesday, June 4 - Bring Gracie Home

The meeting today was a little overwhelming, so much information to process but fortunately there is not that much time left to stress about it. A week from tomorrow we will be on our way.

I know some of our travel group read this blog and the doctor traveling with us mentioned that we should organize ourselves so that we are not all bringing the same things. So I wanted to put it out there that we are planning to bring powdered Amoxicillin and Elimite. Feel free to use my comments section to post what you are bringing.


Carrie said...

I have the lice meds and am calling for antibiotics and the scabies stuff (am scared to plan on sharing this one in case they all have it since it is contagous). I will ask for a different antibiotic (or may just have to be happy with what we get).


Kristin said...

We are bringing the powdered antibiotic, scabies lotion & lice meds. (I can handle bugs, just not on the body.)

Plus we have the OTC meds: Benadryl, tylenol, gas drops, neosporin, cortisone, lotrimin, orajel, etc. We're just a rolling pharmacy! And it goes without saying-- we're happy share what we have if anyone needs it.

We are also bringing a luggage scale and a roll of duct tape (always comes in handy for something.)

Now, if could just find room for my clothes...

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

Kristin, you might not need the luggage scale...all the hotels we were in had bathroom scales. Just remember that 20 kg = 44 pounds.

Can't remember the name of our Beijing Hotel...something like the Jia Garden? In Nanchang, we stayed at the Gloria. Are you guys staying there?

Gail said...

I have the powdered antibiotic (amoxicillin), elimite, infant tylenol, children's motrin (Loren), orajel, bacitracin, balmex, A+D ointment. Adult motrin (we might need some too!) and far!