Monday, May 19, 2008

Packing....Not quite done

Jen spent the day today getting the rest of our stuff packed. I came home to help with the big weigh in and our bags were overweight by 10 and 15 pounds respectively. This is after round-one of removing items that we probably won't need. So on to round-two. Twenty five more pounds of stuff to weed out. I guess Lucy can't go with us after all. Jen has pulled a bunch of stuff out and will go though it again tomorrow for hopefully the third and final round.


Gail said...

Jen and Steve..
I laughed out loud when I read this post.
I understand. I always want to bring EVERYTHING..."just in case"
Too bad Lucy couldn't come I would have loved to meet her.
See you soon.
Gail and Loren

Kristin said...

We had to edit 4 times before we even came close to 44 pounds. And I'm still not quite done yet. Packing by weight instead of volume is maddening!!

I'm a "just in case" person too, so everything I toss out of the suitcase is giving me major anxiety.

wendy said...

We just gave up and we were willing to pay the extra weight fee. Luckily we were never charged. I was glad I brought the extra stff

The Gang's All Here! said...

That sounds so frustrating - but it's great information. When you are done and down to goal weight, you should post a packing list for us who are still dreaming of the opportunity to actually PACK!

Two Pearls / New England H Family said...

See...we were smart in taking our older DD, as that gave us an extra 44 pounds of packing capacity! We only took 4 outfits, plus the one we traveled in and did laundry every 4 days. But it's all the baby equipment that really gets ya! And we took a bunch of snacks for EJ in case she didn't like the food. Cheerios don't weigh too much.

Anonymous said...

How many pairs of shoes have you packed?? ha ha!! All I can say is ugh!! Good luck with the re-packing


to sing and to dance said...

Just a comment on packing...If you pack each day's set of clothes in a large ziplock bag, and make each one air tight, you can fit a lot more in to the luggage. As for weight-You each get a carry-on, and a purse or duffle bag. We used that for all the diapers, and meds for the 'just in case" times. And of course, DH took the laptop. You can get luggage cheap in GZ for carrying extras home. Folding strollers are also easy to get in GZ.

to sing and to dance said...

The ziplock bags are for DDs clothes and undergarments, not for yours. It makes it so easy to pick a baggie and get her dressed. Then you can toss icky diapers in the ziplock baggies....or use for storage of other items.