Sunday, February 10, 2008

Exciting Stuff

On Friday we got an email from our agency entitled "Assignment Preparation Letter". It was basically explaining how things would work from here on out for us. They told us a little bit about how the day will go when we get our referral. They also told us about some travel/visa related stuff. In addition, they told us we should start preparing our care package. This is a box of stuff we can send to Grace in China, things like a photo album with pictures of us, blankets, stuffed animals and a camera so we can get some pictures of her and her caretakers.

They were quick to point out that getting this letter does not necessarily mean that we will be getting our referral in the next batch but it still got Jen and I excited to get something from them about referrals.


Wendy said...

yay!!! That's so exciting!!!

Unky B said...

WOW! That's sooo exciting! Tangible proof, that you're close, and almost there!

New England H Family said...

Hi thing we did for the care pkg was to buy two matching of everything - the blanket, the stuffed animal, and the little photo album. We slept with the blanket and animal so that we would smell familiar to her (not sure if it helped, but we figured it couldn't hurt). We took the duplicate items with us to China in the event that she would recognize them (she did). Our SWI gave back all the items in the care pkg, but some don't, so don't send any family heirloom blankets, etc. You might never see them again!