Monday, February 04, 2008

Comparing the Years - February Edition

I usually wait until the cutoff is official before I update and post my monthly referral charts but since the CCAA is no longer updating their website I guess we are now as official as we are going to get. There have been a few families with LIDs of 12/27/2005 reporting referrals so that is 8 days which is a pretty significant sized batch. Looking at the chart below there was an 8 day batch in November 2007 but that batch included a couple days with very few families logged in because of the Christmas holiday so that 8 day batch may have been a bit inflated. The last time the CCAA referred more than 8 days was back in March 2007 which was an 11 Day batch.

Interestingly, if we overlay the above chart by year (see below) we see a similar trend for 2006 and 2007. In 2007 we started out pretty similar to 2006 but then the 2006 numbers started to drop to about half, which seems to be pretty consistent with this year so far as well. Last year the numbers dropped from February to March, as did the year before. I hate to make any predictions based on these charts but there is something here regarding the trends so read into them as you wish. Hopefully since the numbers are so low this year we won't see a significant drop, maybe even a slight upswing which we are really hoping for with a LID of 1/5/2006. I guess as they say in the financial industry "Past performance does not guarantee future results". But we can all hope.

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