Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mid-Month Doldrums

Once again we are a couple weeks away from referrals arriving and there are no rumors to speak of. Usually by this time there are a couple rumors floating around but the last couple months have been lacking in rumors, probably a good thing for our sanity anyway.

The last batch was pretty disappointing considering everyone expected them to get much further than they did. We aren't anticipating much for the next batch either. Based on the online polls we could see another pretty small batch. But we are hoping that they get through at least another 4 or 5 days but we wouldn't be too surprised if they just got though 1 or 2 days. Have to prepare ourselves for the worst and hope for the best.

Since we are getting closer to referral I decided to start a baby proofing project in our family room this weekend. The speaker wires for our surround sound are starting to droop onto the floor, perfect fun for a little girl to pull on. So we went off to Home Depot and bought some wire conduit to hide all of the wires away. Probably will take me a couple weekends to get it all installed. Seems like a perfect winter project.

We were also happy to see our beloved New England Patriots beat the Chargers today and are off to another Superbowl. Go Pats!!!

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Biren said...

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!