Saturday, January 05, 2008

2 Long Years

Today is 2 years since we were logged in at the CCAA. I wish we knew how much longer we have to wait for our referral but unfortunately we have no idea. It could be anywhere from three more months to another year if we are affected by the Olympics.

Jen removed 5 more glass stones from the jar this week leaving 17 more to go. We did get some news this week that gave us a bit of lift. Our agency sent out their monthly update regarding the referrals they received this month. The email mentioned that the next Log In Date that they are expecting referrals for is our LID (1/5/2006). Although this doesn't mean that we will get our referral next month, our agency just won't receive any regular referrals until they get to our group. This was the first time that we have seen our Log In Date in print with the word "Next". It is the little things that keep us going lately.


Wendy said...

Hopefully this month will go by quickly and we can see what this next batch of referrals will do. It was certainly disappointing this last go round.

Happy new year!

nancy and andre said...

Jen and Steven,

We are LID April 13, 2007 and we have been checking out your blog for awhile now!! We are excited for you to see you are almost there...I wanted to ask if you have done any stats on the review room because to me, it seems that they are processing review room dossiers a lot faster than matching room dossiers...but I am very new and probably dont know what I am talking about!! I guess I was thinking that maybe the CCAA is for some reason focusing more energy on getting their staff to process review room dossiers...Best Wishes for the New Year and know that alot of people are there with you on the journey and wishing for it to speed up for you to get your Grace even quicker!! Kind Regards,
Nancy and Andre