Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Backlog

One of the readers of this blog asked if I had done any analysis on the CCAA's progress of the Review Room vs. the Matching Room. We got through the review room back in November 2006, which was about 10 months after our Log in Date. The people who last got through the review room waited about 14 months after their Log In Date. So comparing that to the last group that got matched who waited over 24 months, the matching room is staying pretty consistent. Dates are kind of hard to graph in Excel so I charted out the number of months since LID that each group has waited to get through the Matching Room and the Review Room. The Review Room backlog seems to be leveling out. Probably safe to assume if you haven't made it through review yet your wait to be reviewed will be around 14 months. The Matching Room Backlog is growing pretty consistently each month and unfortunately will almost definitely continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

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nancy and andre said...

Thanks very much for doing the analysis...It's interesting to see that the review room is consistent that way...I wonder why it's staying the same, but not the matching room??!! Anyways, thanks, it was very much appreciated!!

Nancy and Andre