Monday, July 23, 2007

Rumors and Vacation Fun

The rumors about the next batch of referrals started flying around last week. There was a ridiculous rumor early in the week that they were going to make it into December and then another rumor later in the week that they were only going to get through 6 days. It is way too early in the month to believe any of these rumors. We will most likely be waiting another week or two for the next batch to arrive. As the time gets closer the rumors tend to get more accurate so we will wait until then to believe anything we hear. In other news we are on vacation this week. More accurately, I am on vacation this week. Jen, as a teacher, has the summer off so she has been on vacation for a while. We had an interesting start to my vacation when I went out into the back yard to mow the lawn Saturday morning and found this:

A huge branch broke off one of our oak trees and fell on my shed. Kind of a rocky start to vacation but at least I got to have some fun playing with my chainsaw. On Sunday we went up to the beach for the night and found a cool little bar in Rye, NH and listened to some live Reggae. Kind of brought us back to Jamaica a little bit, except we were drinking Sam Summer rather than Red Stripe and Pina Coladas. We don't really have any plans for the rest of the week except a little home office upgrade. Our current computer is over 7 years old and is so slow we are ready to throw it out the window, so we are planning to go shopping for a new one at some point this week. We are also planning to buy a notebook computer so that we can keep in touch with family and friends while we are in China and also so we can update this website. The notebook purchase will probably be a little while down the road but we are going to need more workspace in the office so we are planning to shop for a new desk as well with room for both of us to work at. Shopping isn't exactly my idea of a fun vacation but at least we will be shopping for technology, a little more fun than clothes shopping. Lastly, on Saturday we will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary so we have a special night planned for that.

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