Sunday, July 01, 2007

Projected Wait Time

No news yet on the next batch of referrals. There was a rumor floating around last week that the upcoming batch would cover Log In Dates through November 17th. Later in the week another rumor came around that someone with a Log In Date of November 17th was told by their agency that they would not be included in the latest batch. Referrals through November 17th would be 10 days which is significantly more that we have seen in the last couple of batches. At this point I think it is pretty unlikely that referrals will go through the 17th but I would love to be wrong. We are at least hoping to see a more than the six days we have seen in the past few batches. Jen was away this weekend and I had some free time to look at some of the historical numbers of the wait times and compare it to the time we have been waiting. I charted the data in Excel and the results are pretty interesting. The blue line represents the number of months we have waited. The pink line represents the maximum number of months that people who received referrals in the latest batch have waited. As you can see the lines are slowly coming together. I drew a yellow line over the angle of latest batch max wait time and projected the line of our wait time out until they intersect. This intersection is at December 2007 which in theory is when the data projects us to get a referral. Maybe a little hope that we could get a picture of Grace by Christmas.

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