Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grace's Nursery

We finally have the nursery pretty much finished. There are still a couple empty walls but I think we are going to bring some things back from China to fill them up. We started working on this room a few years ago when we first started thinking about starting a family. We had just painted it and put up the chair rail though, the room has been pretty much empty since. Jen usually makes all of the decorating decisions around here because, well, I have no decorating sense whatsoever. The room doesn't really have a theme, Jen just wanted it to be very feminine but not too pepto bismol pink, which probably would have been my choice So on with the tour...

We bought (well Jen's parents bought the crib) the bedroom set last summer during the tax free holiday in anticipation of having Gracie home this fall. Teddy will just have to hold down the fort until she gets here. The crib bedding set is called paper dolls. The little white man next to the changing table is a diaper genie for those who haven't seen one. Looks like a little robot, too bad it doesn't actually change the baby.

More dresses and loot. Jen has a lot of time on her hands, she actually arranged them according to size. Next week, she'll redo it according to color!!
My Aunt Barbara made this framed needlepoint. Kind of hard to read with the glare in the picture. It says "You have been chosen to be our precious Grace".

Grace isn't even home yet and she already has a small library. Plenty of books to read before bedtime.

Who says a baby can't have a chandelier in her room?

Jen's friend Sue sent us these great letters from Pottery Barn Kids so Grace can have her name on her wall. And a picture of the rug from Pottery Barn Kids.

Lucy doesn't seem to appreciate being read to. How else are we supposed to practice for Grace?

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