Sunday, July 08, 2007

CCAA July Update

We got an email from our agency on Friday that referrals arrived. They received referrals for 6 families, all girls. The interesting note in their email was the referrals were from orphanages recently opened by the CCAA. When the CCAA visited the US we heard rumors that they were trying to get more orphanages opened to international adoption. Maybe having more orphanages open will get more babies into homes and cut down the wait time a little bit. Last week we also passed 18 months since our Log In Date. The group that just got their referrals waited just under 20 months, I wish we could say we were two months away but almost an additional month gets tacked on as each month goes by so it seems like it is one step forward and one step back. We are inching closer though. The CCAA did update their website confirming that 11/14/2005 was the cutoff for the last batch of referrals. The update is below:

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