Thursday, July 05, 2007

Comparing The Years - July Edition

It appears that referrals have begun arriving on the west coast and cover Log In Dates though November 14th. Nothing official about the cutoff yet from the CCAA or our agency. I assume our agency will get referrals sometime tomorrow. The last few months I have posted a chart with number of days referred each month this year compared to last year. Earlier in the year there seemed to be a pretty visible trend with the two years being pretty close together. The two years don't seem to be trending as closely the last couple months but at least the chart is still trending up in general. Last year in late June/July, 13 days were referred and we are only expecting 7 days this month. Last year in late July/August, 15 days were referred and I really don't expect them to refer more than 7 days again next month as they would need to get through November 22 which is thought to be a really big day. Nevertheless I am posting the updated chart in hopes that things pick back up in the upcoming months. Which I think is a pretty good possibility once they get through November.

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