Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wee Ride

Back when Jen and I had free time we used to often go for bike rides. Grace is still a few years from a bike of her own but we knew she would enjoy coming along with us. We started looking around for a kid carrier for our bikes a couple weeks ago. We didn't like the idea of those old-fashion seats where the child sits behind you and you can't see them. One of our neighbors has one of those trailers that he pulls his twins around in but I am not sure how safe those are for riding on uneven pavement. Then we found the Wee Ride Kangaroo seat and we really liked the concept. The seat mounts to the top tube so the child is right between your arms and legs for protection. It also has a three point harness so it seems pretty safe. It came in last week and when the weather warmed up today we took Grace out for her first ride and she loved it. It is good for kids up to 40 pounds so we should get some good use out of it.

I wasn't sure how comfortable it was going to be for me as you need to bow your legs out a little bit so your knees don't bump the seat. It wasn't too bad, a little more work going up hills but that is to be expected with an extra 25 pounds along for the ride. Grace doesn't really like wearing a helmet but the giggling all the way down the hills proved she didn't mind too much. Some video below of our first ride.

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kris said...

That wee ride is great, looks like Gracie will enjoy lots of fun bike rides!! and what a cute helmet. :)