Friday, April 10, 2009

A Very Good Day

Today was one of those days that will stay in our memories for a very long time. I took the day off work because we had an appointment at our local probate court for Grace's re-adoption/finalization. The process is really just a formality since we already adopted Grace in China but the process allows Grace to get a US birth certificate which will make things easier for her down the road.

The local courts like to make a pretty big deal about it as they are used to dealing with criminals and people suing each other so it's nice when they get to see a happy family. So we had to be at court at 9am where we met up with Grammy, Grandpa, Gram King, Aunt Melinda, Uncle Jim, James and Sammy. They called us into the courtroom around 9:30 and we went back to the Judge's Quarters where we met Judge Manzi and the rest of the court personnel. Of course they were all enamoured with our Grace. Grace got to sit on the Judge's lap and help sign the paperwork. It was all pretty informal but everyone there was so nice and we could tell they really enjoyed being a part of the finalization of our adoption. After everything was signed we took some pictures and Grace got a special picture taken on the judge's chair.

We all went back to our house afterwards for coffee and donuts and then we took everyone out for lunch at a local restaurant that we like. It was a very cool day and we were so glad that our families got to be a part of this special moment for our family. Some pics of the day below.


Johnny said...

Congrats! Our lawyer, for both our re-adoptions, told us that the Family Law judges and clerks LOVE this duty as it is one of the few non-heartbreaking things they encounter in their daily jobs.

Our last judge had a PILE of stuffed animals they hand out to each kid upon the completion of the ceremony.

Gail said...

Congratulations on your special day!
Grace looked beautiful!

Laurie said...

Congratulations! Adorable pictures. I don't comment often but have you on Bloglines and enjoy following your story. We are LID 5-31-06.

Tracy said...

Very cool! CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

SO GREAT!! Hey Gracie made it into the judge's chair before Erik!! Judge has a nice ring to it!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, 'no tears' in my eyes at all here by any means! Those pics are awesome. Gracie will be seeing them when she is older and will see how important she is! I really like the pic of you all walking (pic from behind)- so cute!
Gracie, once again, is a Rockstar!

Jenna said...

Very exciting! Congratulations! Grace looks like she handled it all like a pro! :)