Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tired Daddy

This weekend was another Daddy weekend as Jen went away overnight for a girls' weekend. She left around noon on Saturday and was back around 1:30pm so really she was only gone a little over 24 hours but I am wiped.

My plan was to keep really busy and tire Grace out so she would sleep well so we started Saturday with a bike ride and a walk. The weather hit 80 degrees this weekend for the first time this year so it was great to be outside. Saturday night we went to have dinner with my mom and then headed home for bed. I think Grace took a little pity on me and slept right through the night, something she hasn't done in a very long time. When informed Jen of the great sleep night she gave me an incredulous look, when she realized I was telling the truth the look turned into daggers.

When Jen got home this afternoon we decided to check out a local park we have heard about. It has a small playground and lots of trails so it looks like it will be a great place to take Grace as she gets older. Below some pics from the week....

Contemplating the slide

Catch me Mommy!!!

Swingin' with Mommy

I love my kitty!!!

But Kitty doesn't love me....

This isn't really a recent picture, it was part of the Easter/18 month pictures we had done. It was a special order so it just recently came in and I just got around to scanning it. We really like how it came out so I figured I would post it here.


Jan said...

Miss Grace is just beautiful!!
BTW Daddy, I feel for Mommy!!! LOL!! With that said, I'm still glad you all had a great weekend!!

Laurie said...

Love the last picture-what a doll

Jen said...

She is gorgeous! I'm loving the look on your cat's face! And the 18 month photos are beautiful. :0)