Sunday, September 07, 2008

Three Months Home, Reunions, Hanna and Standing

This past week we celebrated three months home as a family with Grace. It really seems a lot longer than three months. We can't imagine life without her now. She has changed so much and made so much progress in such a short time, we are so proud of her. Jen dressed Grace in one of her silk dresses from China to see if it still fits, you can really see the change comparing these two pictures. Kind of sad that she is losing the baby look and looking more like a toddler.

This weekend we also got together with seven of the families that we traveled to China with. The get together was to celebrate the girls' first birthday. It was great to see how happy and healthy all of the girls are and to catch up with all of the happy parents as well. Before we left we tried to recreate our infamous red couch photo. The results are below.

The remains of hurricane Hanna also blew through New England this weekend just as the girls' party was finishing up. This past year (see here and here)I have not had much luck with wind and trees and this weekend was no exception. Hanna took down another branch from an oak tree in our yard and dropped it in the exact same place as the last one. So my Sunday was spent with ladders, ropes and chainsaws cleaning up my yard.

Grace decided to show us a new skill this weekend as well and is now standing on her own for a few seconds at a time. I think we are going to have a toddler on our hands in no time.

A couple more pics from the week.


kris said...

wow, what a difference between those 2 pics! yes Grace is looking less like a cute baby and more like a beautiful little girl! :)

ugh, sorry you had to bust out the chainsaw again, Steve!

Sharon said...

I swear they change almost daily. She's getting so big! I can't believe it's been 3 months already and only a couple of more weeks until her 1st birthday and Jen's....awwwww, thought I was gonna tell the age, didn't ya?

Take care and talk to you guys soon!

Anonymous said...

Go Gracie go!! Wow, look at her standing alone!! Everyone is still talking about her visit to school!!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how much Ms Grace has grown into a toddler! She was so cute then and just turned into more beauty as the days pass. She is a toddler kids-- put up the fences and hide the cat! LOL!

Super Mommy said...

Oh my! You have a gorgeous little baby! I can see Grace's amazing changes in 3 months - but she's still so little! I remember when my girlies were that tiny. Oh, why do they have to grow so fast?

I love her chunky little legs - they are so yummy!!

Sharon said...

I just noticed the ponytail right on top of Grace's head, oh you're going to be in trouble for that when she's in high school. :)


Tracy said...

She's so cute!

Alyson & Ford said...

Cute pictures in the silk dress! Toddlers are really fun too!
Time passes very quickly now and they change daily!

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