Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace and Mommy too

Today we celebrated Grace's first birthday. Her birthday isn't until Monday but it is Monday in China so we figured it was OK. Jen is also celebrating her birthday on Tuesday so the girls got to have a dual celebration. We had some friends and family over and it was a good day. We feel so very fortunate that we got to celebrate Grace's first birthday with her as many Chinese adoptive parents miss their child's first birthday. Hard to believe she is a year is hard now to imagine our lives without her. Some pics from our day below.
Happy Family
I can't wait to hear the comments we get when Grace wears this bib at restaurants.
Mommy and Daddy help blow out the candles.
No, Jen didn't make the cakes! They were delicious though. See below:
Gracie started out by daintily dabbing her fingers into the frosting.
But then found it was more fun to dive right in!


The Gang's All Here! said...

Adorable! And I love the bib - too funny.

When our boys were little, they had a bib that said "Spit happens" and we always got fun reactions from that.

Happy Birthday to both your girls :)

Johnny said...

Happy Birthday to Grace!

Mary Joy said...

Happy Birthday Grace and Jen!! Love that bib!!!

Ann Marie said...

Happy Birthdays Ladies!!! XO Ann

Norma said...

I got around missing the first birthdays by buying a cake for each birthday we missed. So Isabel got 2 cakes on her 2nd b/d and so did Beth. Grace was turning 4 so we did cupcakes.........4 cakes would have been too much!!!!!!!!
so in spirit we never missed those birthdays at all!

Gail said...

I wasn't able to celebrate Loren's 1st Birthday but the girls at work had a huge Birthday Party/shower for Loren on the day of her Birthday.

Love the bib.
I had one given to me for Loren that said..."Don't blame me I just got here"

Happy 1st Birthday Gracie!!
Happy Birthday Jen! I bet this has been the best birthday yet!