Sunday, September 14, 2008


We were a bit disturbed this week when we heard that dozens of babies in China were sickened and one had died from baby formula tainted with melamine. We were even more disturbed when we heard the name on the formula "Sanlu" as it was the Chinese formula that we gave to Grace while we were in China. For some reason we kept an empty container of it and still have it sitting on our counter.

Luckily we transitioned Grace to American formula pretty quickly after we got home. Grace also had a pretty thorough checkup when she got home from China and she seems to be extremely healthy now so we aren't too concerned but we will probably mention it to her doctor at her next checkup just in case.

Grace continues to amaze us. Her language skills seemed to take a turn this week as she seems to be trying to repeat everything we say. She mastered Ma Ma and Da Da a while back and is now saying cat which sounds more like gah. She also says Hi and Bye and we think she says ba ba for bottle.

Our favorite pic from this week.


The Gang's All Here! said...

love the pic! and thanks for posting the name of the formula. we were concerned but couldn't seem to find the time during our whirlwind tour of beijing to find a brand name. good news is that aidan has been on nestle good start as far as our documentation has shown.

gotcha day is tomorrow - can't believe i can actually say that!

Caroline said...

Yikes. That must have been a scary thing to find out. Fortunately, as you say, your little girl looks the picture of health!

Sharon said...

She is such an angel...that is such a shame about the formula. Glad to see she is okay.