Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Making Real Progress

We just love getting email from our agency.....they emailed this afternoon that they have confirmation of our visa appointments at the consulate. So we now have a confirmed travel date of May 22nd. We should have our flight info shortly!!!

We also got our passports/visas back from the Chinese consulate in New York today. They have actually been trying to deliver them since Monday but we weren't home to sign for them. Nice to have our passports back in our possession and get a big step out of the way. We really lucked out on the visas though. Right after we send them the consulate enacted some new requirements for getting a visa, unfortunately I think some of our travel group got caught up in it. Sounds like just more red tape, which we are all used to, but it is pretty frustrating.

Lastly, it appears that our second care package was delivered to Grace this week. We got the same info as last time that they were unable to deliver on the first attempt but successfully delivered on the second attempt. Not sure why or what exactly that means but hopefully at least one of the care packages got to her.

This past month has really been a whirlwind. It is hard to believe that three weeks from tomorrow we will be leaving for China!!!

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Mari said...

Hello and a litte belated CONGRATULATIONS from another one who came across your blog at RQ. I read your story and want to thank you for sharing your joys and sorrows with all of us the way you do. I will follow your journey to get your girl!

Just a tip on sleep issues: I saw you mentioning Ferber - please don`t... I bought a wonderful book on how to teach the child to sleep the gentle way, and it worked wonderfully on my son. "The no-cry sleep solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. I honestly think it will be more your thing than Ferber and much less stressfull for your little one.
Good luck on the rest of your journey!

Love to all of you from Norway