Thursday, April 10, 2008

Falling In Love.....

During our past 27 month of waiting we had this idea in our heads of who our daughter was. I am not sure I ever pictured exactly what she looked like but I think we really were in love with this idea of "Grace" our daughter in China.

Then last week we got the picture. Finally a face to put with the name. No longer just an idea but a real beautiful little baby who is going to be our daughter. We look at her picture and wonder what her personality is like. We hope that she is happy, warm and well fed (looks like she is). Now our love for her has grown, tenfold. She is now our daughter and we are completely in love with her.

In about 6 short weeks we will be traveling to China to meet her for the first time. We will finally be able to hold her, to kiss and hug her. We will be first time parents so I am sure these first days won't be easy as we fumble along. But as the days pass I am sure our love will grow more and more. From an a picture... to our daughter coming home with us, it has been a long ride but we are completely in love with this little girl and she is 100% worth it.


Pere i Carme said...

Congratulations from Spain, Family!
You have a beautiful daughter.
We are with our daughter, Jana Laifujing since September 17, 2007.
It's a girl Laibin (Nanning).
We read your blog with the adventure of this great journey that you are about to make.
Strong kiss from Barcelona (Spain)

Pere in Carme

Carrie said...

Isn't it wonderful for there to finally be a Grace not just the idea of a Grace. I look at Annika's picture everyday (well, every 15 minutes or so) and can't believe it is her.