Monday, April 07, 2008

Comparing The Years - April Edition

So another month of referrals has come and gone and it was another disappointing number of days referred. The CCAA referred up to January 9th, so only five days were referred this month. Two of those days were on a weekend with very few people logged in so that makes the batch appear larger than it is. The average number of days referred per month for the past year is still hovering around 6 days. See the chart below for the number of days referred per month back to May 2006.

If we overlay the above chart by year (see below) the similar yearly trend continues to present itself. Most glaring is the month of April which has had a lower number of days referred for the past 2 years. In April 2007 we saw 2 days referred and in April 2006 we saw 5 days referred. So this year appears better than last year but if you factor in the weekend probably not much better. The good news is that the number of days referred in the past has seemed to pick up a little bit after April. According to the online polls the next couple days are pretty big so most waiting parents are expecting another small batch. More potential good news to look forward to is that the end of January 2006 has a span of 9 days with no or very few families logged in. So when the CCAA gets to referring those days we should see a larger batch than we have seen in a very long time. Possibly 10 or more days.


Jenna said...

I noticed that Grace posted that analysis! WOW! You not only have a beautiful daughter, but she's brilliant too! :)

As always, I appreciate your analysis!


Hebnix said...

Thanks for the charts!
They are very easy to understand and I'll be back frequently.
She's adorable!