Sunday, November 04, 2007

Too good to be true

The rumors that were floating around a few weeks ago that referrals would go through December 12th are looking to be false. The latest is that referrals were mailed from China last week and some agencies on the West Coast seem to have received them on Friday. Sometimes it takes a little longer to referrals to get to the East Coast. So they should be arriving at the rest of the agencies on Monday. Most agencies are telling their clients that they got through December 8th. We won't know for sure how far they got until the CCAA updates their website which probably won't happen until late tonight at the earliest. If they did get through the 8th that would be 8 Log in Dates that they got through, which would be the most they have done in the past 8 months. At this point they seem to be averaging around 7 LIDs referred per month. If they keep up at this rate we will be looking at getting our referral in March or April of 2008. The bright side of later referral is that the weather will be a little warmer if we travel in the spring.

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Unky B said...

You guys are soooo close I can taste it! Less than one month's worth of log in dates left to go! That's so exciting! I bet these last 30 or so days worth of log in dates will feel like the longest part, but it will all be worth it in the end!!

PS, I haven't commented about it yet, but love the update site Steve-o! ;-)