Sunday, November 04, 2007

Days Referred This Year vs. Last Year

Another 8 days referred this month which interestingly is half of the number of days that they referred last year at this time. I updated my chart comparing the number of days referred this year to the number of days referred last year. If you look at the chart for the first 4 months things were pretty comparable. Then at the end of March we had that first small batch and things seemed to go downhill from there. Going forward the number of days referred was usually half or less the number of days referred from the previous year. Thinking we can probably expect more of the same going forward.


Wendy said...

Thanks for the chart! I like your breakdown. It's much easier for me to read than some of the other ones that are out there.

Deanna(Dee) & William(Bill) said...

Thanks Jen for the chart. We're DTC 11-29-05 and LID 12-14-05. So what are the numbers for last December. I'm so afraid that they are going to do another 2 day referral and we will not see our little angels face until next year. We started our adoption journey on 5-05-05 and have had everything go wrong. From having a horrible social worker the was intimidated by my husbands degrees. He's also a counselor but has a Masters, she did not like that at all so she took twice as long to do our home study. I had to get her boss involved to get her moving.. Then we had 2 horrible hurricanes that trapped our paper work in New Orleans for months and destroyed our town. Then the slow down to almost a complete stop.