Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday......What?!?!?!

Yes, Grace got a birthday card in the mail today for her 1st Birthday. Early on in the adoption process when we naively thought the wait would be around a year we went to Babies R Us and registered for baby stuff. When you register they ask you the expected arrival date. At the time we thought we would be traveling around December 2006 so that is what we told them. They must have some type of software program that sends birthday cards with a gift card to everyone who registered one year later. So we got one....we kind of had to laugh about it but it really drives home how damn long we have been waiting. At least we have a $3 gift card to use for Christmas shopping this year. Always got to look on the bright side I guess.....


Wendy N. said...

Those mailing really depress me. In some ways they make me laugh too but more often than not they just make me a little more bitter. I guess that's not a good thing huh? I should try laughing more at those mailing! :oD

Gail said...

OK, now that's funny! : )
And a whole whoppin $3.00!!
Spend it wisely.