Saturday, June 02, 2012

We Got LOA!!!

We got an email from our agency yesterday that they have received our Letter of Approval.  This is the longest and most variable step in the process so it is great to have it out of the way.  We need to now sign our LOA and send it back to China.  We also need to send it into the US immigration service with our application to bring Cameron home.

So we are on track to travel some time around September as long as everything else goes smoothly.  Moving right along!!!!


Beth said...

YAH that is great news!!! Hoping you will have your son home for the holidays!!


Melinda said...


The Gang's Momma! said...

Sweetest combination of three letters in the process, if you ask me :)

We are seriously frustrated, big delay due to some confusion about birth certificates, etc. Likely not going to get DTC till end of June :( But at least The Boss got a job and that's off our plate. Just really want to see our sweet girl's face and start to get to know this little one we already love.

Congrats. Sept. is an AWESOME time to travel, so temperate and mild compared to summer or winter. Yay!