Sunday, June 24, 2012


Lots of progress last week.  We emailed the USCIS a couple weeks ago regarding the status of our I800 application and we were told that she was not in the office but would be back to processes our application.  Umm....not good.   We emailed again last week and were told that our application was approved and we should have it in hand this week.  Woohoo!!!

We also sent in our VISA applications into the consulate with a courier.  Should be a couple weeks until we get our passports back but no big deal as we won't be traveling that soon.  Baby steps but we are getting there.

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Beth said...

Yah you are moving right along. A friend of mine just got her referal of her daughter thru CAWLI after 6yrs of waiting. She is meeting with Lilian tomorrow morning to get all the details on her daughter. Maybe the you would be traveling with her which would be great. She is a single mom like me and will be traveling alone when the process started there were 20 families in her group now I think she said there are 3 left plus her.
Sorry I am babling on but I am so excited for her and you and who knows maybe you would be traveling together. Also it was 5 years ago I went to China to get my son so this is a special time of year for me and just LOVE reading blogs about all the babies!