Monday, June 25, 2012

I800 Approval!!!

We received our I800 approval in the mail today.  Our actual approval date is last Thursday, 6/21/2012.  It is always nice to get mail from the Department of Homeland Security.

We also found out that CAWLI got some referrals last week.  So that means there is a possibility that we will traveling with a group.  The timing would have to work out just right but it is definitely in the realm of possibility.  Traveling with a group would also mean the possibility of having a doctor traveling with us.  This would not be possible if we were traveling solo.  Love to start the week with good news.

If anyone from CAWLI that got a recent referral reads this blog please leave a comment.  Would love to know more info regarding what province you are traveling to and when you expect to travel.

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Beth said...

Odellia thinks she will be traveling in AUgust and the providence is Guanzho. Hope you get to travel soon