Monday, May 31, 2010

Potty Weekend

*** Just a warning this post is about pee and poop....skip to the bottom for the cute pics ***

We were pretty free this weekend so we decided it would be a good time to start potty training in earnest with Grace.  Grace needs to be potty trained by September as the new preschool she will be going to requires that the kids be trained.  We have plenty of time but the summer can get busy and go by fast so we decided to get a head-start.  We have been sitting Grace on the potty at night and in the morning and most of the time she will pee.  She has also recently been asking to sit on the potty but that has been pretty sporadic but it tells us that she is now ready,

A couple months ago we tried with not great results as she obviously wasn't ready and neither was I.  It started out pretty well and then Jen left to run some errands....big mistake.   About 2 minutes after Jen left Grace climbed up onto one of our dining room chairs and proceded to pee on it.  This was change #1.  About 10 minutes later I sat her on the potty and she peed.  Then a few minutes later she peed on the couch, change #2.  About 10 minutes later we sat on the potty but she didn't have to go.  But just 5 minutes after that she peed on the floor.  At this point I was getting frustrated and decided that she was just not ready.  Jen came home and agreed and the diapers went back on.

This weekend started pretty well, she went most of the day Saturday in dry panties.  We went out later in the day and used some pull-ups and she did pee in those once.  But overall it was a pretty good day.  Sunday we were running errands most of the day so we were on and off with the panties and pullups.  She was able to experience peeing and even pooping in a restaurant bathroom but also peed in her pull-ups a couple times. 

Monday all hell broke loose....I needed to get some things done around the house so Jen was on her own.  As I was coming upstairs from mowing the lawn I caught a glimpse of a pile of poop on the bathroom floor.  Apparently it fell out of her panties as Jen was sitting her down to pee.  This happened again about an hour later.  We kept sitting her on the potty throughout the day every 15 minutes or so and had some success and some failure.  At one point I think Grace had enough and refused to sit on the potty...when I finally got her on she started crying that she wanted to put her diapers on and then threw up all over herself.  Poor baby.

The rest of the day went pretty well.  Jen put a piece of paper on the wall next to the potty and gave her a sticker to put on it whenever she had a successful pee and that seemed to work pretty well.  Tomorrow it is back to work and daycare for Grace.  Jen wrote up some instructions for them so hopefully they keep her in panties and have some success.  We shall see.  Just a couple pics of Grace being silly from this weekend below.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie in a bag. Darling.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie in a bag.

N.J. said...

lovely family,
maybe you would like to read my blog

Nicola (mom of 4 kids)

greetings from Europe

China Dreams said...

Okay, ignore this advice or not, but I've potty trained two daughters, one son and a grandson now.

Kids go to the bathroom about 10 minutes after waking; if you put them on the potty when they first rise you've just put them on a cold surface and woken them with a jolt; everything seizes up. They need to be relaxed to go pee.

Kids poop about 10 minutes after dining. So don't rush them off the high chair to the toilet until they've had a few minutes to digest-Grace might not be this predictable, since she's a little girl and not a baby, but then again, she might be.

Whenever possible, let her wear just underwear-not pull-ups. I know it's messy, but little girls really don't like pee running down their legs (boys could care less, plus they can project it away from themselves, so what does it matter?). The underwear will also catch any poop before it splats on the carpet or any other valuables. If you let a little girl experience pee on her legs a few times, she'll take care of the potty training for you.

Good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

Um, ur, uh... You know what they say Pooh "happens" LOL!!! Had to say it b/c I have NO advice on potty training. ALthough, in my opinion.. rewards- such as stickers and a chart would be a great incentive to boost her confidence that she can do it..

Two Pearls said...

We used Potty Training in a Day - book on Amazon for less than 10 bucks - and other than it's more like a weekend, we gad great success with both girls, both about about age 2.5.

The child does need to be ready (there are some questions you can review to determine readiness), but basically you dedicate an entire weekend. Usually just one parents does it so it's consistent. We bought a doll that wets, and she had to teach the doll how big girls go to the potty. We gave her a lot of salty snacks and lots of fluids. Then, you use a schedule and have her sit every x minutes. If there is an accident, the child must help clean it up. Then, you practice a few times after each accident (running to the bathroom, putting on potty seat, moving step stool to potty, pulling down pants, etc). Then there is a reward (we used m&ms). Kevin did the training...EJ and I even left the house so we weren't a distraction. Sophie had more accidents than EJ did. In fact, by the end of the weekend, we didn't trust her enough to send her to school the next day so we bought pull-ups. My biggest suggestion is to stick with the panties as much as possible - try not to turn back. Like China Dreams said...a few accidents really helps with the training. We used pull-ups only at night, but within 2-3 months, we were done with those as well.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, does your canvas tote bag say, "Faster" on it? LOL How in the world did she squish into such a small bag??!?!
Gracie is so cute, I can't believe how big she's getting!

Kiana said...

Aww, she's so cute! How old she?
And she's asian.. sweet. What ethnicity? I wish I could meet her! ;)

Melinda said...

I could not make it through that post without laughing my butt off. Especially after the poop on the floor incident. Very funny. Sorry guys but IT IS!! Potty training is such an experience!